Heidi is a 26-year-old wannabe badass grandma who enjoys hours of puzzling, cardigans, colorful tights, and sweet potatoes. She was recently diagnosed with POTS, but has been living with a chronic illness for most of her life. She writes to help others find quality resources to help improve quality of life and happiness, despite the punches chronic illness may throw.

Contact: chronicallysalty@gmail.com

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Heidi’s POTS Diagnosis Journey

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  1. Lindsay says:

    Hey just read your Mighty Post and you sound like the most fun person with similar interests (I was in hospital pharmacy before disability, Love puzzles, knitting, and generally coming up with lists of ways to be happy and special indoors instead of lamenting over my “old” life hiking and geocaching and wakeboarding…well, *most* days, lol. And reading and finding ways to connect with others from way down here in South Florida where I know practically no one. Also my vagus nerve is messed up and I have, well, issues with everything it touches and now they are looking to see if I’m POTSy too. And I have SCI mild TBI, epilepsy…community care down here is super sweet but a lot flat out admit they aren’t equipped to deal with me lol.

    Anyway, hit me up – lsheffie at the gee mail or Facebook or something 🤓


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