Chronically Salty

Tips to Taking on the World with Chronic Illness


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ThermApparel UnderCool Cooling Vest

$200 for vest and one set of packs.

$108 for the cooling packs alone (that freeze at 70 degrees)

Polar Products Cooling Vest

$179 for cooling vest and one set of packs, $242 for two sets of packs. I also bought other sets of cooling packs along with this, which brought up my Polar Products total, but if you want to start with a vest and one set, it’s just the $179.

Even though the vest looks a bit like I am a troop leader for Girl Scouts, the packs alone are amazing and I bring them with me everywhere when it’s over 70 degrees.

So just buying a set of 5 phase 58 (freeze at 58 degrees) packs for $63 is definitely the more affordable option.

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